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Stimmen meiner Patientinnen und Patienten

Sara is one of the few people I trust in alternative practices and energy healing. Having tried with a few other people beforehand, I never really was fully satisfied. With the tools and the sessions Sara provides, the positive impacts were presenting quite fast to me in physical and emotional form. You can tell that Sara does this for the sake of helping and it’s a passion of her that she has been developing throughout her entire life. She will wholeheartedly help anyone truly in need in one way or another. Very kind and gentle, she also uses very smooth techniques adapted to one’s needs.
I recommend her without a shadow of a doubt and I am very grateful to her.
Dina Bécane

Sara has been an extraordinary and unconditionally loving guidance in my life for over a year now – I’m forever thankful she came into my life and that she continues to be so. Not only is she hypersensitive and a powerful healer and guide, but she’s one of the few individuals who doesn’t take your power away, instead she helps you restore yours.
The most phenomenal thing about this woman is that she sees through all the stories and lies we tell ourselves, directly pinpointing the essence of the issue and lays it right in front of your eyes to see and combines it by holding the greatest space possible for you to heal.
Thank you Sara for helping me remember who I truly am.
Periklis Ikonomidis

Sara Steinmann hat mir, unter der Leitung ihres tiefen und breiten Wissens, die Möglichkeit gegeben, mich in vielfältiger Weise weiterzuentwickeln. Ich konnte sowohl meine mentale Gesundheit, als auch meine körperliche Gesundheit verbessern und bin dafür sehr dankbar. Insbesondere der B.E.S.T. Ansatz hat mich immer wieder auf das Neue beeindruckt.